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newsGK Kid’s Theater Play Report : Momotaro (Peach Boy)

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Today is the day!! 
Welcome to GK’s English play: Momotaro! Last Saturday, we did English play and invited parents to the school. 

Services Of Georgia Skip-a-trip Department Parents Visits: An Opportunity to Lean about Your Child

Parents cannot see lessons usually. We understand that parents would like to know what children do usually in the class, and how children express themselves in the group. We send monthly student report to parents, but I we know it is not always easy to see the whole picture. We wanted to have an opportunity for parents to see what their children are working on, what they are working on and how they deal with their challenges.

Original Play that Children Created

Services Of Georgia Skip-a-trip Department As the first English play of 2019, we chose Momotaro, “The Peach Boy”. It is an old Japanese tale. Traditional tales can connect different generation. It is good to know that something you can talk about with from grandparents to children. At this time, we created original script because we didn’t want children to remember the existing ones and never use it again. Instead, we wanted them to acquire the phrases, words, and culture through this activity. 

Children made all the props used for English play. They worked little by little while doing regular lessons. Children used their skill they learned so far. For example, one child gave us an idea,  “We can make a peach like this!” and he fold the pink drawing paper in half and drew a half side of the peach. Then he cut the paper and got the perfect shape of the peach. This show that he knows the concept of line symmetry.  The other one said “The feather of the bird should face this way!”  This shows that she knows things look the certain way when the angle or movement is different. 

Services Of Georgia Skip-a-trip Department

Develop Communication and Language Skill

Play allows children to act out and make sense of real-life situations. We put phrases that people use in the daily life in the script so that children can actually use those phrases outside the classroom. For example, in the scene where Momotaro meets animals, there is greeting and self introduction. 

Develop Self-Confidence: A Bone for Public Speaking

In the future, children will be required to speak in public. To be able to present themselves with confidence, they need to be exposed to these very natural fears of public speaking while they were children. Theater play activity helps children to express themselves in a familiar environment. 

Our next show is in June. 
GK students friends and family are always welcome to attend. 

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