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If you would like to view all bills from the current Legislative Session, you may view a full list here.
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Legislative Calendar

19 Jun
- Indulgeme Wellfest Mccall Archives 10:30 AM Senate Transportation Committee Meeting
- Indulgeme Wellfest Mccall Archives 2:30 PM House Public Safety & Homeland Security Committee Meeting
20 Jun
26 Jun
30 Jun

Looking for Help?

Every day, your legislative staff helps constituents solve issues they encounter ranging from potholes in their streets to animal-related concerns.

We're happy to help direct constituents to proper forms, facilitate communications with other state and city departments, and advocate on behalf of our constituents.

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View Common Constituent Issues

Visiting Legislative Hall?

Legislative Hall is located at:
411 Legislative Avenue
Dover, DE 19901
Hours: Mon - Fri, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Directions and Parking

Planning a Visit

Want to know more about Legislative Hall? Learn about the rich history of the Delaware State House.

History of the State House

Grant-In-Aid Information

Grant-In-Aid is an appropriation made by the General Assembly to support the activities of non-profit organizations which provide services to the citizens of Delaware.

Get More Information on Grant-In-Aid

Budget and Bond Bills

Please visit the Current Appropriations Bills page to see the current fiscal year's Operating and Capital Budget Bills. 

To submit comments on the budget or bond bills, click here.

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